The BMW Motorrad Navigator IV (Nav 4) is a Garmin unit similar to the Model 660, which has been branded for BMW motorcycles. The BMW version has a three year warranty and the 660 a one year warranty. The Nav 4 has the location of BMW motorcycle dealers as a menu item and the 660 does not. I use a Macbook Pro for all my work. I have experienced much difficulty in transferring routes I have made on my laptop to the Nav 4. After several calls to Garmin tech support, I have suggestions for anyone using the Nav 4 with a Mac. The software that comes with the unit is RoadTrip. Users commonly experience RoadTrip indicating that it transferred routes to your Nav 4. Trouble is it really doesn't transfer them in a manner that allows the unit to recognize them. This procedure works:
  • Export the route to your desktop
  • Open the file with BBEdit and run Zap Gremlins within BBEdit
  • Manually transfer the file to the /Garmin/GPX folder
If you don't run Zap Gremlins, this procedure won't work. This is not a satisfactory way of working. However, I don't recommend you use RoadTrip at all. Garmin tech support says they stopped development of RoadTrip years ago. Instead download BaseCamp. It actually does transfer routes to the Nav 4 without hassle. Here are the features:
  • View 24K or 100K topographic maps and other topographic data.
  • Displays maps in 2-D or 3-D, including elevation profiles.
  • View and rotate maps at any angle.
  • Create waypoints and routes on your computer and transfer maps, waypoints, routes, tracks and geotagged photos between your computer and device.
  • Transfers satellite images to your device (with the purchase of BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery subscription).
  • Shows animated playback of routes and tracks over time.
  • Supports geotagged photos.
  • Easily organize data into folders.
  • Prints full-page, color maps.
  • Exports user data for viewing in Google Earth™.
  • Includes advanced geocaching support; can import data from
Download BaseCamp here. When planning a motorcycle route one looks for twisty roads. Suppose you find one. One handy feature of BaseCamp is that you can view the area of the map you are looking at in BaseCamp in Google Earth™, which shows terrain. Similarly you can look at any routes in Google Earth™.  You may also print your maps if you are so inclined. It is useful to know that Garmin has Mac specialists in tech support though you may have to ask for them. Garmin comes out with at least four new maps a year and it is much more economical to purchase the lifetime update of maps. Note that the lifetime update purchase is tied to your particular unit and is not transferrable to another unit. In the new map installation setup, be sure to install the map for both your desktop and Nav 4. This makes the BaseCamp software operate quicker. Make sure you have the same version of the map on both desktop and Nav 4 unit. I have found Garmin tech support to be knowledgeable and friendly. For solving complex problems, they have a way of taking over your desktop and doing what needs to be done remotely. It is quicker for them to do it than to step you through complex steps on the phone. After spending an evening with BaseCamp, I will never boot RoadTrip again. Good luck and good riding.