Deb Perkins, dressed in black wearing sun glasses, sits with students and colleagues–all friends–as the group celebrated the many positive experiences Deb brought to their lives. Deb gave 30 years of her life to helping students navigate through the academic and personal challenges that life presents while pursuing a professional degree at the Indiana University School of Journalism. Long recognized as one of the best staff members on the IUPUI campus, Deb has touched the lives of many, many students. Her support of students and her active volunteerism in civic groups and Boy Scouts of America is without peer. Thank you Deb for your unfailing support of me, the School of Journalism and its faculty and students. You are a gem to be treasured. This picture needs some explanation. I (far left old guy with beard) had been wondering why I had not heard my camera make a picture when I activated the radio remote. I began to wonder if I needed new batteries in my hearing aids. Ever wanting to be helpful, Denis Jimenez jumped up to inspect my camera. You can see Denis's shadow in the foreground. Everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying Denis's announcement that I had failed to turn my camera on. This picture was made after Denis turned the camera on. No one is perfect. Well maybe except for Deb.