As I was eating lunch today, Governor Cristie was staring at me from the cover of the January 21, 2013 Time Magazine. It was not a pleasant picture. Maybe it was intended not to be. I believe this style of photo manipulation is called grunge. A Google search of "photo grunge" will yield many links on how to do it. The question I ask is why? Is this picture a good representation of Gov. Christie? Clearly no. Is it good technically? No. It has blown out highlights and overemphasized skin texture. No doubt the original picture is technically good. Time doesn't hire amateurs do make cover photos. The grunge treatment seems to apply only to the face. The suit and tie appear more normal. So what is the purpose? I looked up the definition of grunge. Non-music definitions include: filth, dirt, rubbish, grime muck, etc. Though my politics don't align with Gov. Christie, I would never associate those labels with him. Does grunge sell more magazines on the newsstand? I don't know. I looked to see if the cover was labeled an illustration, which clearly it is. It was labeled "photo" not "photo illustration." Call me old school but when I see a portrait of a person I think it should be representative of the person, not some Photoshop manipulation that bears little resemblance to the person.