(Turn up your sound volume.) I like to use my camera as an excuse to meet people that seem interesting to me. This is how I met Thomas Campbell.  I was riding my motorcycle to Goshen, Ind. to meet with Shelly Bradbury about her multimedia project for her Hoosier State Press Foundation Pulliam Internship. Somewhere on the way, I passed by a city park and noticed Thomas playing his guitar. I slowed, did a U-turn, and returned to the park. I pulled out my camera and asked Thomas if he minded if made a few pictures and recorded some sound. He was very accommodating and fifteen minutes later I was one my way. For students listening to this project, the format is very simple. Make some pictures of someone who is interesting doing something interesting. Be sure to have a variety of camera angles and image magnifications. As some point grab a few sound bites by asking a compound questions and letting the person talk without you interjecting your voice. (You will likely want to edit your own voice out so minimize your own speaking.) I hope you enjoy Thomas as I did. Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II and a variety of lenses Zoom H4N with Redhead windscreen Sound edited in Adobe Audition Pictures toned and Edited in Adobe Lightroom 3 Title slides made in Adobe Photoshop Putting it all together--Soundslides, my favorite story-telling software Transportation BMW R1200GS