Yesterday I had lunch Joe Young a retired photojournalist from The Indianapolis News. We agreed to meet at Santorini's, a Greek restaurant in the Fountain Square area just off the southeast corner of Indianapolis, Ind. The lunch almost didn't happen. At 8 a.m., I hopped on my motorcycle and looped the 465 bypass to the southwest corner of Indy for a meeting with another Joe. The other Joe was Joe Hudson, DDS. I have been having some pain when I chewed food on the left side of my mouth. I feared I needed a yet another root canal. Joe immediately identified a cracked tooth and said he would try a filling. Maybe it would work. If not, I will be facing a root canal in the future. Whenever I hear noise from machines, I try to find a musical rhythm to it. You just can't find any musical pleasure in the sound of a dentist's drill. Joe and I are great pranksters and if readers request it, I may post the story of how I came to have a gold tooth albeit briefly. With the crack in my tooth gone, I headed past the Indy 500 racetrack on 16th street to Falcone Motorspots, my local BMW motorcycle dealer. I grabbed a cup of coffee and immediately began to dribble it down my chin. It is hard to drink anything properly after having your gums numbed in preparation for Joe's drill. My beard absorbed most of the it. I downed the cup of Joe and bought a quart of oil. I headed on the IUPUI campus for a haircut by Karen at Ray's Campus Salon and beard trim. As I entered Ray's, I walked by the barber chair that used to be in my basement. That's another story. I mentioned to Karen that I was meeting a friend at Santorini's. She said, "I think they had a fire recently but they may be open." I began to worry. I rode to Fountain Square and looked in the window at Santorini's. The whole place seemed to be under construction. I parked in the public lot just east of the square and tried to reach Joe. I didn't have his cell number, but I did find his home number in the email on my iPhone. I reached his wife and wrote Joe's cell number on the palm of my hand with a pen that I had made myself. That's yet another story. I called the number and Joe didn't answer. I left a message. It was really hot in my motorcycle riding gear, sitting in the hot sun in 90 degree weather. I decided to move to a Thai restaurant on Virginia Avenue and continued to call Joe's cell. I finally reached him. He was sitting at a table at Santorini's. I said, "How can that be? It's closed for reconstruction from the fire." "Have you been in the sun too long?" said Joe. "Get on over here. I am holding a table." I was beginning to think I was in the Twilight Zone. Perhaps I had been in the sun too long. I hauled my riding gear out of the side cases and rode the eight blocks following instructions that Joe gave me. I found Santorini's, parked and walked in. Before the hostess could say anything I asked, "How long have you been in this location?" "Eight years," she replied. The old location was where I had found the building under construction. Okay, so I wasn't totally crazy. I found Joe at the table he was holding and we had a delightful lunch. Next time Joe will have to name the place we meet.