I visited one of the collection of doctors I now have for an annual checkup on my sleep behavior.  As I came in the complex I answered the usual battery of questions about my birthday, address, name, Facebook friends, etc. to ensure the nurse had pulled the correct record. Everything checked out. She had my correct record. I was ushered into an examination room. Those rooms should be renamed "waiting" rooms. This room was particularly sterile. No one had left a magazine for me read. There weren't any glossy posters on the wall with drawings of various outcroppings of disease variations to study. I actually study  those posters. I admire the medical drawing and photos. This room merely had folders of forms and those get boring very quickly. I asked the nurse as she closed the door, "How long before the doctor comes? Several hours?" "Not too long, you are his first afternoon patient," she said. After half and hour a medical student came in to take my history. After ten minutes or so of questions, he asked me, "How is your transplant doing?" "Fine since I don't have one," I said. He became a bit nervous and rechecked the file. "I suppose you don't have diabetes either?" he said. "No, I don't," I replied. I checked the front of the folder and it was my information. Clearly my file had some information about me and some about a diabetic person with a transplant. He immediately recognized that he had made the error by inserting new, and incorrect information, and he apologized saying, "I am still learning." I was glad to be a part of his learning experience. This mistake was of no particular consequence. A nurse had handed him some information and he had not checked the name and other identifying characteristics. Every screen saver, including the one in my examination room, has a message reminding personnel to always use two patient identifying characteristics. Good suggestion. It didn't help matters that I have a common name. I hope the note about the weird, motorcycle-riding professor was removed from someone else's file and put back in mine.