Simon Dumenco from AdAge wrote a long and thoughtful message criticizing the Huffington Post's practice of aggregating others work without proper citation. This resulted from a Huffington Post article based on Dumenco's work. Lest I be charged with the same criticism, read Dumenco's message here. Any college graduate should have learned something about proper citation. Rewriting someone else's work and even loosely calling it your own or by format suggesting it is mostly your work is simple not done. But as Dumenco points out there is ample evidence of the practice at the Huffington Post. Writers should learn ethics of writing and when to call research and writing your own and how to properly give credit to other people's creative work. In the present example, Dumenco suggests the Huffington Post scapegoated the writer when the evidence Dumenco presents suggests the Huffington Post method is endemic to the culture of the organization. I agree.